Your Business and Personal Calls on One Phone

With Vumber, you can set up a flexible business phone line in minutes, allowing you to manage business and personal calls from the same phone.

You can easily tell when it’s your Vumber line calling, allowing you to take the call or send the call to your Vumber voice mail.

And when you need to call your customer back, your Vumber number will be displayed on their caller ID.

extra business phone line
get a toll free number for your business

Toll-free or Local Numbers

Do you need to have a national presence? No problem! We have thousands of toll-free numbers available. We are now offering the new 844 toll-free code as well as 877, 866 and 855.

Are your customers scattered across the country but prefer to call a local number? With Vumber, you can give them a local number to contact you where they are as well as where your business is.

Vumber allows you to mix toll-free and local area code numbers on the same account.

get a local virtual number for your business

Be in Control

All Vumbers work independently. You can have all your Vumbers forwarded to the same phone or each forwarded to a different phone.

You can add, change or delete your Vumber at any time using you Vumber account portal.

Do you need to stop telemarketers from calling? Done! Simply block the caller’s number, send them to a ‘number not in service’ message and you will never be bothered by them again.

stop telemarketers
separate voicemail for your virtual number

Personalized Business Voice Mail

Don’t want your business calls reaching your personal voice mail? You will get a separate voice mailbox for each of your Vumbers. When you receive a Vumber call, you will be prompted to take the call or send it to your Vumber voice mailbox.

You can also personalize the greeting for each Vumber and receive the voice mail via email as well as listen to it online or via a phone.

personalize your voicemail greeting

Add a Business Line to Your Phone


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