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How To Get Started With Your Business Number

To run a successful business, it is vital to have a dedicated phone number for client and employee calls. In the past, there used to be an office landline which was used to communicate with clients. However, with changing times, businesses have grown and moved out of a singular office set up.

Today, there are global companies with multiple offices within a country and even abroad. It gets too laborious and challenging to have so many office numbers for employees and clients, making it impossible to remember them.

Here is when the virtual phone system comes in handy. This internet-based phone system allows you to have a singular number for your business spread across the country. Isn’t it fascinating? Read on further to know what a virtual phone number is, its benefits and how you can get one for your business.

What is a virtual phone number?

A virtual phone number is like any other phone number used to make and receive calls with the difference that it is not linked to any telephone line or SIM card. The number is linked to any smart device through a cloud-based platform, VoIP, making it easy and seamless to connect anywhere. Thus, all you need is a reliable internet connection and you can connect with clients and employees all over the world.

A virtual phone number is an excellent example of modern communication technology. It creates the illusion that a person is in a particular country or office set up, but you can be sitting miles away in your cosy home. This is the power a virtual phone system has and hence, it is essential for businesses. The best part is that it is very easy to get a business number and you can change it as often as you want without any hassles.

A virtual phone number usually comes in the format of the country code followed by the state code. For instance, 1-800 or 1-888. You can personalize these numbers by adding your product offering or brand name. For instance, 1-800-BOOTS.

Benefits of a virtual phone number for businesses

Most of you might still wonder why a business should get a virtual phone number? Why is a regular landline or mobile number not enough? Here are some unique benefits of having a virtual phone number that are luring businesses towards it.

1. 24/7 accessibility

With a virtual phone number, you can never miss a call even if your phone is busy. The VoIP system automatically transfers the call to another employee if a number is busy. This ensures that you are available to the client at all times. It gives a sense of professionalism and also a better conversion rate.

2. Professional touch

Having a standard business number throughout the country gives a sense of professionalism to the company. It creates an image of a structured and well-organized business, even if you are a start-up working from a garage.

3. Better brand recall

Virtual phone numbers are easy to remember as they have a simple format such as 1-800-BOOTS. Having the brand name as part of the number helps in better association and brand recall too. Also, since these numbers are the same for all offices throughout the country, the client does not have to memorize too many numbers.

4. Excellent call management features

Most of the leading service providers like Vumber, offer excellent call management services with their virtual phone numbers. From the basic features like call forwarding, caller ID, call recording to more advanced ones such as call analytics, personalized voicemail greetings and more. The advanced web portal allows you to derive the maximum benefits that help you boost your business.

5. Local market identity

It is essential to create a local market brand identity for a business to have enhanced connections with local customers. Having a localized virtual phone number with a local area code helps you do that. Customers feel more connected with a brand that has a local presence than an unfamiliar name that seems far off and not easily accessible.

6. Economical

The virtual phone system has cut down drastically on call expenses of businesses. Since these numbers are operated through the internet, you don’t end up spending exorbitant amounts of money on international calls. All you have to pay for is the plan you choose, which is much lower than international calling rates.

7. Number portability

One of the best features of a virtual phone number is the ease with which you can port numbers between service providers. This helps retain your main number while you enjoy the benefits from a new service provider. It works well for startups as you do not have to spend money on changing the phone number on your flyers, website, ad campaigns, and others.

8. Privacy

A virtual phone number ensures that your private data remains intact and your personal number is not shared with all and sundry. You can use the same device for both your personal number and business number but none of your business contacts will be privy to your personal data. It is like killing two birds with one arrow.

Guidelines to choose a service provider

After knowing the umpteen benefits of a virtual phone number, you would surely want to know how to get one. It is relatively fast and straightforward to get a virtual number. Several service providers are offering various pricing plans with a bundle of services. Here are a few guidelines you should follow while picking a service provider.


1. Privacy policy

Look out for a service provider after going through his privacy policy and security features. Though all the calls for a virtual phone number are routed through the VoIP system, the service providers often keep a lot of your data with them that they can share later on. Read the fine print of the privacy policy carefully and choose a service provider who withholds any of your data.

2. Check the pricing policy

Go in for a service provider like Vumber that offers a free trial period before you choose a pricing plan. This gives you a fair idea about the working of that particular provider and all the benefits it offers.

3. Feature-heavy

The popularity of a virtual phone system is due to the features it offers. From call forwarding to call analytics. Select a vendor that offers the whole gamut of services to gain the most out of your business number. One essential feature to check for is the number porting facility that allows you to shift your service provider without changing the number.

4. Easy set up

Another important aspect to look at while choosing a vendor is how easy and user-friendly is the setting up of the VoIP telephony system. Many providers offer complete assistance in establishing the system for you. It is best to go in for such vendors.

5. Easy phone number add-ons

Choose a service provider like Vumber that allows you to add as many virtual phone numbers as you want in addition to your main number. This is especially useful when you have multiple departments within your business. Most providers offer a package with many numbers in them.

Checklist to getting started with a virtual phone number

Once you have shortlisted a service provider, you need to install the virtual phone number on your devices. It takes less than a few minutes to get everything on the road after choosing the pricing plan and making the payment. Most often, the vendor will help with all the installations, but it is pertinent for you to understand its workings.

1. Choose an area code or your virtual phone number. Once it is done, you get a list of phone numbers to choose from. Select the one you like. You may choose either a toll-free number or a local number, depending on your requirements. If you have overseas clients, get a local virtual number for all the countries you have operations in.

2. Link this number to your home cell or work phone.

3. If you have a team, add them to it so that the call can be transferred to any of these employees in case your phone is busy.

4. Integrate features with your virtual phone number that are most suited to your business.

5. Receive and make calls as usual on your virtual phone number.

6. Manage all your calls and account-related information through the PC or smartphone. You can get detailed caller insights to improve your business.


The ability to be contactable at all times is often the difference between a sale and a lost sale. This is what a virtual phone number provides you as you are available 24/7. The virtual phone system has thus changed the dynamics of business communication, making it more reliable and user-friendly. So if you haven’t yet got a business number for your company, it is time to get going and explore the wonder of this internet-based phone system!