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Vumber gives you the ability to add a new phone number to any phone that you own.

You can make and receive calls from your new number without affecting your existing numbers in any way.

Vumber works on ANY phone. Customers can call you on your phone without knowing your real phone number on that device.

You can call them back and they will see your new Vumber displayed in their CallerID display.

Vumber allows you to run your business from your existing cell phone or land line, safely and securely. Your phone number will not be revealed to your Customers.

Vumbers are virtual numbers, which means that to anyone who calls it that it acts just like a "Normal" phone number, but they give you more control over how calls to that number are routed.

When you receive a call to your Vumber, your phone will ring and you answer normally. If you choose not to answer, the call will be routed to your special Vumber voicemail. If you answer, you will hear, Press 1 to take this call. ANY other action will send the caller to your new Vumber voicemail. Every Vumber has a separate voicemail box associated with its number. You can customize that voicemail any way you wish. When you receive a message, you can listen to it on your phone or view it and listen to it in your email.

Absolutely not. Vumber requires no special equipment, PCs or special emails. You use Vumber just like any other number.

You can pay for Vumber with any major credit card (Amex. Visa, MasterCard & Discover)

You select a new phone number in the area code of your choice. You associate that number with your phone. (We do not care which!). To make a call, simply dial your Vumber. At the prompt, dial the number of the person that you wish to call. That is it!

When Customers call your Vumber it will appear to them like any other phone number. They will not know they are calling a Vumber. Calls will be immediately forwarded to your personal number you registered with the service.

To receive the call, answer the phone normally. If you hear a prompt, press 1 to answer the call. That is it!

When you receive an incoming call; you can configure Vumber to show:

1) The caller's number

2) The Vumber number

If you have multiple Vumbers on your account, displaying the Vumber number on your caller ID tells you which Vumber your Customer called. This might equate to an advertisement the Customer is responding too, or a product your Customer is interested in.

Yes, calls can be forwarded to one or more numbers simultaneously, or in sequence.

Yes. Multiple Vumbers on your account, they can all be forwarded to the same number.

They can also be forwarded to different numbers if you need that. It is completely configurable from the account portal and you can update it as often as you like.

Calls can be sent directly to Vumber voicemail or to an out of service message if, for example at the end of an ad campaign.

The current overage charge for all plans is just 3 cents a minute.

Yes, we do support the porting of numbers to our service. Please contact who will be able to advise you whether your specific number can be ported (most can).

Yes - you can take you Vumber with you. We do support porting of number to and from other services.

Yes! Any toll-free or local number you purchase through Vumber will support text messaging. You can use our advanced dashboard to send and reply to texts or download our app to text from your phone.

Any toll-free or local number you purchase through Vumber will support fax receipt (we do not support the sending of faxes at this time.) You can use our advanced dashboard to view your faxes and/or have them forwarded to email on receipt.

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