Grow your business into neighboring towns and cities

Vumber can help you establish a local presence in towns and cities throughout the USA and Canada.

All calls to your network of local numbers can be forwarded on to the same phone number, or each local number can be sent to different numbers. Call forwarding is seamless and instant.

Using your Vumber account portal you can purchase new, change or delete numbers at any time. Setup is instant - you will be up and running in minutes.

Questions we regularly field regarding our local numbers

Are Vumber's virtual numbers real numbers?

Yes! To get a new number you would normally have to purchase a new mobile phone. Now, with Vumber you can purchase just the number, and have calls to that number forwarded to an existing phone. This saves you money, makes numbers in any locality available to you, and means you don't need to carry two (or more) phones.

Can I also get a toll free number?

Yes. Vumber can also supply a toll free number. Local and toll-free numbers purchased from Vumber can all be forwarded to the same phone number, and can be added to the same account.

How long does it take for my number to go live?

When you purchase a number from Vumber - setup is instant and you can start taking calls immediately.

Popular Area Codes

These are a few of the popular area codes we offer. Pick one of these or choose from hundreds more...

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