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13 Benefits Of Using Virtual Phone Numbers For Your Business

Branding and marketing have evolved over time, but nothing beats the human voice. The handy telephone is still the most preferred way to connect with people and publicize a brand. Luckily, you no longer need to have physical lines in the office to make and receive calls. You do not even need to use your personal mobile number for official purposes.

Technology has made it possible to have virtual phone numbers or a VoIP system. This internet-based telephone system uses the latest technologies to offer the most cost-effective solution for an office-based calling system without having to be in the office.

Simply put, a virtual phone number is a number that is not directly associated with a telephone device or line. You can use it with any device, be it a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, allowing you to have many phone numbers linked to a single phone line. Let’s find out why this technologically advanced phone system is the best for your business.

How does a virtual phone number work?

A virtual phone number or a toll free number is a free-of-cost number that a customer can dial in to from anywhere in the world. These numbers have a particular three-digit area code, like 800, 855, etc, along with the country code. You can dial these numbers from both mobiles and landlines without any charge.

When a customer dials a toll free number, the call gets routed through a VoIP phone system that you have taken and directly connects the customer to you. A virtual phone number is not just for receiving and making calls. It is used for broadcasting company messages through voicemails and for faxing too. It is a hassle-free way to add a business line to your personal phone without compromising on security. If you have a business, it is advisable to get a toll free number. Here is why:

1. No missed calls

Marketing and branding calls can extend for a long period and if some other customer is trying to get in touch with you in the interim, he/she will not be able to get through. Thus, you might lose out on a customer. However, with a virtual phone number, you will hardly miss any calls. Surprised!

This is how it works. The virtual phone system can be connected to many devices at a time, be it your mobile phone, desktop, laptop or desk phone. So if you are busy on the mobile phone, the system will automatically transfer the call to the other connected devices. You can opt for a single or multiple device diversion. This means the calls you can't take personally can go to multiple employees of the company and whoever is free can answer the call. Thus, the potential customer does not have to try many phone numbers to reach the company and you will never ever miss a call.

2. Cost-effectiveness

The best part about having a toll free number is that you can get multiple numbers at the cost of one connection. You can choose plans with multiple number availability and allocate each number to one of the sections dealing with a particular business category.

Also, the call rates of a virtual phone system are much lower than the conventional carrier-based calls. It works out to be cost-efficient, especially if you get many international calls as they are automatically routed through toll-free internet links. Thus, you can answer calls from anywhere in the world at no additional cost to the company. All you need is a stable and high-speed internet connection where you decide to set up the system.

Lastly, these virtual numbers are compatible with various devices, including mobile phones, smartphones, and desk handsets, so you can implement new services and features without having to spend on buying a new telephone system.

3. Touch of professionalism

Professionalism is the competitive edge that a company can have over others. There is no use in having good work ethics if there is no professionalism. This aspect of professionalism comes through with impeccable customer service at all times. Having a virtual phone number takes care of that aspect as you are always available for your clients.

It also adds a professional look to the business, much more than an email or a regular landline number. This is especially important for startups as these numbers can enhance their brand image. Having different virtual numbers for varied departments within the organization makes the same place seem larger than it actually is.

4. Branding

Virtual phone numbers are available in the format of 1-800 or vanity numbers, which have the area code with the brand name of the business. For instance, you can have 1-800-SHOES if you have a shoe business. This helps in better brand recall for customers and also works as a great marketing strategy. In addition to the vanity number, you can have a customized greeting that publicizes your company more.

5. Feature-heavy

Most of the virtual phone number service providers like have a lot of exclusive features that help customize the number as per your requirements. For instance, Vumber allows its customers to have a personal greeting message on the toll free number. You can also call back potential clients and get your number on their caller ID. Vumber allows you to add another employee’s number to your Vumber account so that the call does not get missed in case you are busy.

It has an excellent web portal to manage all the calls. You can view calls, call back, export call records and make changes to your Vumber account. It has many pricing plans for customers starting from $9.95 per month after trial period and also many customized plans to suit your needs.

6. Easy setup

If you think setting up a virtual phone system is tedious. You are in for a pleasant surprise. Setting up a virtual phone number system is blazing fast and easy. Unlike a landline system where there are many wires and other paraphernalia involved, the virtual number works over VoIP, which makes setting up absolutely hassle-free. You don’t even have to buy another sim or hardware to link your cellphone or landline to a virtual business number. Your virtual phone number service provider does the entire setup as part of the subscription.

All you need is to choose an area code for your number and get the new virtual phone number. After that, link this number to your existing landline or cell phone and use it as a business line. Voila! You are all set. You can manage all your calls and account information through a dashboard on the PC or smartphone.

7. Have a local presence

If you have a large business running in multiple locations in a different part of the country, it is best to have virtual phone numbers local to a region. It makes customers more comfortable about calling you and also gives a more professional touch to the business.

For instance, offers several local numbers to those expanding their business or already having a presence in different locations. It also offers a mix of toll free and local area code numbers on the same account. These numbers work independently and you can have all of them forwarded to the same phone or each forwarded to a different phone.


8. Easy to remember

A toll free number is easier to remember than a regular landline or mobile number. It is a mix of the country code with the area code. If it is a vanity number, it is easier still because it is a mix of digits and alphabets, usually denoting the brand name. For instance, 1-800-Clocks. Such easy numbers are easy to memorize and it has been seen that customers are likely to call back more often. This helps improve brand image and sales. Hence, it is a great marketing strategy too.

9. Change numbers easily

Usually, if you get a phone number, it is tough to discontinue it or even change it. It involves a lot of paperwork and is time-consuming. However, with toll free numbers, you can easily change numbers if you are dissatisfied with the service or have any other reason. In fact, you can change it as often as every month. You can easily add more numbers, delete the ones you don’t want and discontinue the service entirely, all at no extra charge.

Another great feature is that most toll free number service providers can port numbers. It essentially means that if you have a toll free number already but want to shift to another service provider, you can do so without much hassle. This ensures that your number remains the same, just the service provider changes. It is a great asset for customers as they do not have to keep retaining new numbers.

10. Safety and security

Virtual phone number system records all calls, so you have a complete record. In addition, you can add a security profile with every virtual number that prevents unauthorized people from making calls, especially to expensive regional and global PSTN numbers.

Using virtual phone numbers helps separate business and personal calls on the same smartphone. The caller-id service identifies if it is a business call and keeps your personal number private and secure. In fact, some VoIP solutions and smartphone apps allow all the contacts and other information to be segregated by personal and business classification.

11. Voicemail

Voicemail is an excellent feature in a virtual phone number where you can reach out to potential customers and give them some information about your brand even before speaking to them. Most service providers offer this facility where you can customize greetings for each number. Often, businesses have ad campaigns as part of their voicemail and customers like to get in touch with the company after listening to them. This again works as a great marketing strategy.


In addition, you can directly send a customer to the voicemail box through emails or phone calls.

12. Call-forwarding facility

Often, businesses miss out on potential customers because their regular customer care lines are busy. However, many companies giving toll free numbers like Vumber allow call forwarding facility. Here the calls go to voicemail in case the number is busy. It also forwards the call to another toll free number in case you are engaged on a call. So another employee can take the call and answer the queries of potential or existing customers.

Besides call forwarding, many service providers also let you block individual callers or restricted numbers. You can make a list of numbers, called the whitelist. Only these numbers will be able to call you. The rest will get a “number not in service” message. This is one way to protect yourself from fraudsters.

13. Better customer satisfaction

It can get extremely annoying as a customer if the company customer care number is constantly engaged. It can turn off the customer, thereby losing a potential client. However, with the call forwarding facility available in virtual phone numbers, a call is never missed. If you are busy, the call is automatically transferred to another person, thereby keeping the customer happy. It shows better customer service, which could mean better customer retention.

To sum it up

Before 2020, remote working was an option that only some startups and future-looking entrepreneurs exercised. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the world, most businesses have taken the offsite route. They have developed many tools to empower employees and businesses to work more effectively and efficiently. One of the most integral tools of the work-from-anywhere kit is a virtual phone number. It is a hassle-free, low-cost and effective branding tool that companies must have for their business to flourish. So if you were doubtful about getting one, now you know of all the reasons to have a toll free number.