Call Forwarding

Vumber’s virtual numbers will forward all calls instantly and transparently to any telephone number in the US or Canada. Each number comes with its own voice mail system; so if you aren’t available to take a call, the caller will hear your professional greeting. Any message they leave can be forwarded to your email; or listen to it via a telephone, or online using the Vumber web portal.

Use Case: Virtual Offices

Let’s say your accountancy practice wants to have a virtual office in many states. Simply purchase a Vumber virtual number for each state you would like to establish a local presence in. Then forward your virtual numbers to your brick and mortar office in say, Manhattan. When someone calls any of your local virtual numbers, their call will be seamlessly transferred to your Manhattan office.

Need to know the call is to your Atlanta office? Easy; you can have your Atlanta virtual number displayed on your caller ID – so you can answer the call appropriately.

As you grow your practice, simply add virtual numbers to your account in your new states. And, if you eventually acquire a local representative in a state, simply start forwarding their state’s calls directly to their phone number.

Add a Business Line to Your Phone


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