Setting up a Vumber is as easy as 1-2-3.

Numbers are available immediately and you will be up and running in minutes.

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Make and Receive Calls

Vumber is not just a simple call-forwarding service; you can also call your customers back and have your Vumber number show in their caller ID. This keeps your cell number safe and confidential. You can link your staff's numbers to your Vumber account, and they will also be able to call your customers using Vumber.

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Toll-free and Local Vumbers

We have thousands of local numbers available across the USA and Canada as well as thousands of 877, 866, 855 and now 844 toll-free numbers available.

Whether you need just one toll-free number for your business, several local numbers to expand your business into neighboring towns or cities or thousands of numbers to track ad response, Vumber has a plan that suits your needs.

Vumber allows you to mix toll-free and local area code numbers on the same account.

Vumbers are real numbers that all work independently. You can have all your Vumbers forwarded to the same phone or each forwarded to a different phone.

Select your local or toll-free number
a second phone line

Awesome Web Portal – Manage Your Vumbers Online

We provide a full-service web portal to manage your calls, voicemails and Vumbers. View call history, return calls, listen to voice mail and export your call records to your favorite spreadsheet. You can also add, delete or make changes to your Vumber as well as upgrade your account and credit card information. Our web portal is fully optimized for iPhone, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets as well as desktop PCs.

call tracking
see who is calling you and why

Customizable Voicemail for Each Vumber

With Vumber, you get a separate voice mailbox for each of your Vumbers. You can also personalize the greeting for each and receive voice mail via email as well as listen to them online and via a phone. We also provide missed call and all call email notifications.

send caller to voicemail or take the calls live

Advanced Call Routing Options

Vumber gives you total control over the calls that reach you. Need all your calls to go to voice mail? No problem. Want calls to receive a ‘number not in service’ message? Done! You can also block individual callers or block all anonymous or restricted calls. If you would like only a select list of numbers to be able to call your Vumber, that’s easy, too. Just create a whitelist, and only those callers will get through.

specialized call routing
make international calls

International Calling

Call your customers around the world using Vumber and get some of the best international rates available! With these super low rates, you will be using Vumber to call your friends and family, too! See our great rates here.

great international call rates

How will you use your Vumber?

Expand your business into neighboring towns or cities and get a local number for each! We have thousands of local numbers available across the USA and Canada.

How well is that print ad or web page doing? Use a different Vumber for each ad to measure its response rate. All calls can be forwarded to the same number.

You can add a Vumber to your existing cell phone and use it as your business line. You will be able to tell if it's your Vumber line calling and can either take the call or send it to Vumber voice mail.

Protect your privacy. With Vumber, you get the control and protection to be free to connect with the world where and when you want – online or offline. Your personal cell number is never disclosed.

track all your calls

Add a Business Line to Your Phone


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