Protect Your Personal Phone Number

With Vumber, the power is in your hands. If you are not comfortable giving your personal cell phone number to someone, give them your Vumber instead. When someone calls your Vumber, your cell will ring and you will know it’s a Vumber call. You can choose to take the call or send it to Vumber voice mail.

You can block individual callers or just block ‘restricted’ or ‘anonymous’ calls. You can also give unwanted callers a busy signal or even an ‘out of service’ message.

You can change your Vumber at any time or add an additional Vumber. And it’s not just about receiving calls; you can also make calls using your Vumber, which means that your Vumber, not your private number, will show up on their caller ID.

privacy protection
block telemarketer with a virtual number

Block Telemarketer Calls

Vumber gives you total control over the calls that reach you. Need all your calls to go to voice mail? No problem. Want calls to receive a ‘number not in service’ message? Done! You can also block individual callers or block all ‘anonymous’ or ‘restricted’ calls. If you would like only a select list of numbers to be able to call your Vumber, that’s easy too – just create a white-list and only those callers will get through.

send calls to a virtual voicemail box

Organizing a Little League or Meet-up

Do you need to be accessible on weekends but don’t want to be disturbed at work or home during the week? Give your Vumber to club and group members and send that number to voice mail when you are busy. Personalize the voice mail with weather updates and cancellations. Not running the event this week? Forward the Vumber to this week’s organizer. Your personal cell phone number remains private.

virtual number great for meetups
protect yourself with a second disposable number

Be Safe When Dating

Now you can meet new people and feel okay about giving them your number. Just give them your Vumber instead. If it ends up being a mistake, you can quickly and easily change the Vumber, block a specific caller or send the caller an ‘out-of-service’ message.

stay safe with a throw away number

“Thanks for shopping with us today. May I please have your phone number?”

Have you ever noticed that every time you buy something in a store, subscribe to a magazine or even sign a petition, they ask you for your phone number? Why is that?

Sure, they may need it for verification purposes or even use it to give frequent shopper discounts, but what happens to your private phone number? Well, once they have it, one thing’s for sure – you’re in their database. And you can’t be sure that they’re going to keep it private. They might sell your number to anyone they like. And here come the unwanted calls! So just give them your Vumber instead. Then, you can choose which calls you want to take and when.

dont give out your real number

Add a Business Line to Your Phone


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