About Vumber's virtual numbers

Your regular phone number's secret identity

A Vumber is a virtual phone number – now you can have several numbers on a single phone.

With Vumber, choose any area code you want and link it to your home, cell, or work phone. When someone calls your Vumber, it will ring on your phone without ever revealing your private phone number and you control how to handle the call; you can:

a) answer it;
b) send them to Vumber voicemail or Vumbermail as we call it;
c) give them a busy signal;
d) tell them the number is out of service; or…
e) play them a custom message you create.

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Vumber let’s you keep your phone number private, which means unequaled privacy protection.  And it’s not limited to a pre-defined one-to-one calling relationship like you sometimes see out there; it’s as simple as having another phone number. Even simpler; Vumber puts you in total control of your communications and your identity.

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Most importantly, you can call “from” your Vumber, too. Just dial your Vumber, and then dial the number and your Vumber will show up on their caller ID. It’s that easy. It’s simple and instant to use.
The bottom line
With Vumber, you get a flexible, privacy-protected, portable, disposable telephone number and a private Vumbermail voice mailbox. And don’t worry... You still have your existing numbers, and you can still call and get calls from them. But now you also have a number with total control - your Vumber.

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Vumber. The virtual phone number.


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