Text Messaging (SMS)

About 80% of our Vumbers are fully text enabled. We offer text capable virtual numbers in most US states and in all large metropolitan areas - over 9000 in all.

Send and receive text using the Vumber apps

You can use the Vumber iOS or Android app to send and receive text messages. Both apps offer a traditional smart-phone text message interface. If you have multiple Vumber numbers on your account, you can choose which one you would like to use to send the text.

Use the Vumber web portal to manage your texts

Our web portal also has the ability to view and reply to received texts and send texts to new contacts. You can also turn off the text message capability or set an auto reply on your Vumber numbers.

Text using email

You can also direct your incoming texts to your existing email address. Replying to a text is easy - simple reply to the email! It's that simple. We will convert your email response to a text message and send it using the correct Vumber number. To the recipient, it will look just like any other text message.

Add a Business Line to Your Phone


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